Thaely is a groundbreaking shoe brand that has revolutionized the industry by becoming the world's first entirely recycled and vegan footwear company. Founded by Ashay Bhave, Thaely's mission is to address the issue of plastic waste while promoting ethical practices and supporting marginalized communities.

Ashay's inspiration for Thaely came from witnessing the problem of plastic waste firsthand through his mother's involvement in a local waste management facility. He noticed that plastic bags were not being properly recycled, leading to significant environmental pollution. Determined to make a difference, Ashay invented ThaelyTex, an innovative leather alternative created exclusively from discarded plastic bags.

In addition to addressing environmental concerns, Thaely is committed to creating positive social impact. Particularly in India, where the industry for rag pickers is largely unregulated, workers often face exploitation by unfair waste buyers who pay them meager wages for long hours of labor. Thaely has intervened to change this unjust system by offering fair wages to its waste management employees. Moreover, the company goes beyond monetary compensation by providing financial and health-related education, and ensuring employees receive nutritious meals and sufficient breaks, especially during harsh weather conditions. Thaely has implemented a five-day work week, resembling corporate settings, in contrast to the common seven-day arrangements enforced in many waste management facilities.

Turning to the product itself, Thaely sneakers are a testament to the brand's commitment to sustainability and vegan principles. The fabric and laces of each pair are crafted entirely from 100% recycled materials, specifically utilizing ten plastic bags and twelve plastic bottles. Furthermore, the soles are made from recycled rubber, minimizing waste and environmental impact. Thaely's dedication to veganism extends to the production process, where vegan glue is used for binding, and vegan detergents are employed for sanitization. These efforts have earned the company a PETA certification, as well as the prestigious Best Sneaker Award from PETA in 2021.

Thaely is not just a shoe brand; it is a symbol of responsible manufacturing, environmental consciousness, and social empowerment. Through their innovative products and compassionate practices, Thaely sets a new standard for sustainable and ethical fashion, inspiring positive change in the industry and beyond.