Environmental Impact

Saved from Landfill and recycled to produce our Shoes

Mission Statement

Thaely’s mission statement is ‘Don’t just do it. Do it right! ’. This suggests that although being a fashion brand Thaely would not add to the environmental burden but rather upcycle waste to produce trendy and fashionable sneakers.

At Thaely, we take immense pride in our mission to make a meaningful difference with our PETA-certified Vegan and Sustainable Sneakers. As a brand committed to environmental sustainability and ethical practices, we have integrated a wide range of eco-conscious initiatives and fair-trade principles into our manufacturing process. Through innovative materials and responsible sourcing, we strive to create footwear that not only meets the highest standards of style and comfort but also has a positive impact on the planet and its inhabitants. 

Vegan Materials are at the heart of our design philosophy. Our sneakers are entirely free from animal-derived materials like leather or suede, ensuring that no harm comes to any living creature in the process. Instead, we utilize cutting-edge, cruelty-free materials such as 10 recycled plastic bags and 12 recycled plastic bottles to create the upper of the shoe and other essential components. Additionally, the sole of our sneakers is made from recycled rubber, giving a new life to discarded materials and reducing waste. 

To ensure Sustainable Sourcing, we have joined forces with Skrapp, a renowned environmental organization. Together, we work diligently to responsibly source our materials, with a keen focus on minimizing our environmental footprint. Our waste materials are systematically collected from housing complexes and corporate offices in the Delhi-NCR region in India, promoting a circular economy by transforming discarded items into valuable resources. 

Carbon Footprint Reduction is a top priority at Thaely. We are fully committed to minimizing our carbon emissions throughout the entire production process. By incorporating recycled materials and sourcing locally, we significantly reduce transportation emissions and support local communities. Our dedication to sustainability extends to all aspects of our business operations, ensuring that we leave behind a cleaner, greener world for future generations. 

Water Conservation is another area where we strive to make a difference. At Thaely, we have implemented cutting-edge water-saving techniques during our production processes, significantly reducing water consumption. Additionally, we have invested in advanced technologies that recycle and treat water, ensuring that we return clean water to the environment after use. To complement these efforts, we exclusively use vegan detergents, ensuring that no animal products or by-products are involved in any step of our manufacturing. 

Fair Trade and Ethical Practices are the bedrock of our brand values. We firmly believe that every individual involved in our supply chain deserves fair treatment and a safe working environment. As a part of our commitment to social responsibility, all workers are paid fair wages and work in conducive conditions. We take great strides in promoting gender equality and community empowerment, actively supporting the communities where our products are made. In an industry where long working hours are commonplace, we have established an 8-hour workday for five days a week, allowing our workers to strike a better work-life balance. 

Transparency and Traceability are essential aspects of our operations. We believe that our customers have the right to know the journey of their sneakers from raw materials to the final product. As such, we maintain a transparent supply chain, enabling our customers to trace the origins of their sneakers, including the recycled plastic bottles and bags used in their creation. For a detailed overview of our manufacturing process, customers can easily access information through our website, where we proudly showcase how their Thaely sneakers are made. 

Reduced Packaging Waste is a vital component of our sustainable practices. We understand that excessive packaging can contribute to environmental degradation. Therefore, we have taken great care to ensure that our packaging is minimal, eco-friendly, and has a positive impact on the environment. Our shoeboxes are made of recycled paper and dyed with waste coffee grounds, creating a unique, earthy aesthetic. In a bid to promote greener living, our shoeboxes are plantable, with basil seeds embedded in them, encouraging customers to nurture a herb garden as they dispose of the box. Additionally, we have replaced the traditional dust bag with a reusable tote bag made from four recycled plastic bottles, encouraging a sustainable and responsible approach to packaging. 

Education and Awareness form an integral part of our brand identity. We believe that raising awareness about sustainable practices, environmental issues, and the importance of fair trade can inspire positive change not only in the fashion industry but also in the lives of our customers. At Thaely, we actively engage with our customers and the broader community through various channels. Our website features a blog that delves into eco-conscious living, offering tips and insights for adopting a more sustainable lifestyle. We collaborate with environmental organizations to host workshops, webinars, and events that promote eco-awareness and ethical practices. Through social media, we foster a community of conscious consumers, encouraging them to join our mission for a greener, more socially responsible world. 

In conclusion, Thaely's commitment to sustainability and fair trade is at the core of everything we do. By creating PETA-certified Vegan and Sustainable Sneakers, we aspire to set a new standard for the fashion industry, where style and ethics go hand in hand. Our use of innovative materials, such as recycled plastic bottles and bags, combined with responsible sourcing and ethical practices, allows us to make a positive impact on the environment and support the communities involved in our supply chain. As we continue to raise awareness and educate our customers and the wider community about the importance of sustainability, we hope to inspire a global movement towards a more conscious and caring world, free of plastic waste. Together, we can build a future where fashion is not just beautiful but also beneficial to the planet and its inhabitants. 

Committed to positive impact on People and Planet

We will measure and report our impact against five of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Paying a living wage and ensuring fair working conditions in our operations and supply chain.

Developing innovative manufacturing processes designed to significantly reduce environmental impact compared to typical practices for the industry.

Adopting circular economy principles and assessing impact on resource consumption.

Inventorizing greenhouse gas emissions in our operations and supply chain and setting science-based targets.

Inventorizing greenhouse gas emissions in our operations and supply chain and setting science-based targets.