Are there any additional costs to buying Thaely products?

While local taxes are included in your purchase, country wise duty fees are the buyer’s responsibility and might have to paid at the time of the delivery. We do not set duty costs and they cannot be calculated by us as they differ from one pin code to another and are set by the buyer’s country’s respective government.

Do you accept returns, exchanges and refunds?

If there is a discrepancy between the order placed in terms of sizing, color or defects we offer replacements or refunds.  We however can not offer replacements or refunds if the order placed is incorrect from the buyer’s end. Hence, we urge buyers to thoroughly check the size chart before placing your order, we also send an email after the order is placed to make sure that all details provided by buyers are correct. We do not offer any refunds on preorders; you may choose not to buy the final product or change the order size/color.

What does a preorder mean?

Preorder is an order for a product placed before it is available for purchase. Affectively at Thaely, a buyer pays 10% off the product’s amount in advance to book it and the rest 90% once it is available. This ensures your preferred product is owned by you before it gets sold out.

How long do you take to ship?

Our processing time is 5 business days and the order will reach you in 15-20 days.  

Where and how are your products made?

Please refer to our materials page (hyperlink this please to the materials page).

Do you accept bulk orders?

If you are a distributor, retailor or a reseller please drop us an email with a detailed inquiry at

Are the shoes breathable and comfortable?

Yes, they are extremely breathable because of the vents we provided all around the shoe. We also use a woven RPET fabric on the toe box and tongue regions which makes the shoe very airy. We also use an extra thick insole that make our shoes truly gentle on your feet.